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I love to travel. I consider it a necessity for my quality of life to go somewhere internationally at least every other year, if not yearly. Getting out of my comfort zone, experiencing different cultures, seeing Earth’s natural wonders, stepping out of my daily life routines, feeds my spirit in a way nothing else seems […]

Loose Herbs at Herban Wellness

Written by guest writer and herbalist Taylor Jeffers for Herban Wellness. We are taught in grade school the basics of health – nutrition, exercise, and hygiene, but what about having health goals specific to the world we live in? Nowadays we are exposed to more toxins on a daily basis, have high-stress lifestyles, and are […]

Ginger root

A classic and familiar herb in many culinary and medicinal traditions,…
July 7, 2011/by Katya

Balanced Energy Tea

This tea is the original Herban Wellness store blend, combining…
July 7, 2011/by Katya

Pu-erh Tea

Pu-erh (pronounced poo-air) is a uniquely fermented tea, made…
June 10, 2011/by Katya

Slim Down Tea

Slim Down Tea contains: Pu-erh tea, Cinnamon bark, Cleavers,…
June 8, 2011/by Katya

Healthy Skin Tea

The general herbal approach to maladies of the skin, such as…
May 9, 2011/by Katya

Fenugreek seed

Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) is a member of the legume…
April 12, 2011/by Katya

Blood Sugar Balance Tea

This tea is a blend of herbs that can help increase insulin sensitivity…
April 12, 2011/by Katya

Protecting yourself from Radiation – Good advice for health in general!

This has been a thought on many health-conscious people's minds:…
April 6, 2011/by Katya

Yerba Santa

This is an herb that grows primarily in California, dipping…
March 21, 2011/by Katya

Allergy Ease Tea

Oh, allergy season - for allergy sufferers, the herald of spring…
March 21, 2011/by Katya

Rose hips: Herb of the Month

Rose hips
It seemed appropriate to choose an herb from the…
February 14, 2011/by Katya

Sunrise Tea: February Tea of the Month

Enjoy this uplifting and aromatic blend of herbs in the morning…
February 14, 2011/by Katya

Holiday Joy Tea

This tea is a blend of flavors many people associate with the…
December 9, 2010/by Katya


This tall plant which produces yellow flowers, is a member of…
November 9, 2010/by Katya


Meadowsweet – a meadow plant that prefers moist areas, this…
October 7, 2010/by Katya


Marshmallow – a plant that grows well in wet, marshy areas…
October 5, 2010/by Katya

Lemon balm

Lemon balm – a member of the mint family, this plant grows…
September 30, 2010/by Katya

Immune Power Ball Recipe – with Astragalus root

Immune Power Balls
Adapted from “Herbal Recipes for Vibrant…
September 29, 2010/by Katya