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One of my absolute favorite herbs, this flavorful berry has been a lifesaver for me personally, as it excellent for the adrenal glands and the stress response, helping to increase […]

When looking at herbal approaches to stress relief, the adrenal glands and the nervous system are the primary systems to support. The adrenal glands are located on top of the […]

Live A Less Toxic Lifestyle: A Few Tips to Help You & Planet Earth

Non-toxic living has been a passion of mine for at least a couple…
April 19, 2023/by Katya

How to Decrease our Toxic Load in Times of Low Air Quality & Our Daily Lives

This month, environmental conditions in our area inspired me…
October 5, 2022/by Katya

Red Clover Herb & Blossoms

This common field plant, Trifolium pratense, is a member…
August 7, 2022/by Katya


Marshmallow – a plant that grows well in wet, marshy areas…
March 5, 2022/by Katya

Schisandra berry

One of my absolute favorite herbs, this flavorful berry has been…
February 7, 2022/by Katya

Red Root

It's interesting how in herbal medicine we sometimes refer to…
January 12, 2022/by Katya

Homemade Gift Ideas – for the Holidays and Beyond

Homemade gifts are a thoughtful way to share natural products…
December 8, 2021/by Katya

Herbal Approaches to Stress Relief

When looking at herbal approaches to stress relief, the adrenal…
April 13, 2021/by Katya

Our Favorite Spring Green Herbs Here in the PNW

March 8, 2021/by Katya


Cardamom – this herb is possibly a familiar flavor, due to…
December 12, 2020/by Katya


Cinnamon is a very familiar spice/herb to most people.  Often,…
December 9, 2020/by Katya

Astragalus root

Astragalus root

A medicinal plant whose use comes to us from…
October 29, 2020/by Katya

Support for the Kidneys and Urinary Tract

The Kidneys - We have two of these important organs, sitting…
September 6, 2020/by Katya

Herb-Infused Oil Recipe

An effective way to prepare herbs for topical use is to infuse…
June 30, 2020/by Katya

Recipe: Allergy Ease Spring Tonic

It's that time of year, when the flowers are opening all…
April 9, 2020/by Katya

Sweet Medicine: Herbal Glycerite Extracts

Liquid extracts, often called "tinctures," are a convenient…
April 7, 2020/by Katya

Herbs for Our Pets Health

Abby the Shop Dog at Herban Wellness

Many of you know my…
March 6, 2020/by Katya

The Intersection of Sustainability and Herbal Medicine at Herban Wellness

Sustainable. Sustainability. These words have become synonymous…
October 9, 2019/by Katya