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Red Clover Herb & Blossoms

This common field plant, Trifolium pratense, is a member of the legume (Fabaceae) family and grows wild and weedy in meadows and roadsides throughout the U.S., where it has been naturalized […]



Marshmallow – a plant that grows well in wet, marshy areas and is native to salt marshes along the ocean in Europe and western Asia, its Latin name is Althea […]

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Schisandra berry

One of my absolute favorite herbs, this flavorful berry has been a lifesaver for me personally, as it excellent for the adrenal glands and the stress response, helping to increase […]

Red Root

It’s interesting how in herbal medicine we sometimes refer to the part of the plant we use medicinally when naming it. Here, I am writing about the herb we call […]


Cardamom – this herb is possibly a familiar flavor, due to its use as a spice in Indian chai as well as pastries, particularly from Sweden where this herb is […]


Cinnamon is a very familiar spice/herb to most people.  Often, I find that people are surprised to see it in cut bark form for use in a tea, however, as […]