About Herban Wellness

Herban Wellness is a retail herbal apothecary and wellness shop located in Kirkland, WA and serving herbal enthusiasts and customers through our online store. We offer a wide array of organic herbal products in the form of our in-house tea, powder, and tincture blends, customized herbal blends, bulk herbs and powders, high quality herbal capsules, essential oils and aromatherapy products and much more. Our dedicated, trained herbalists strive to create a healing space for our customers to feel heard and to get the best advice and products possible to meet their health needs and to help live a nontoxic lifestyle. Founded in 2009 by Katya Difani, we are dedicated to serving our community through our individualized consultations, classes, and high quality products.

103 Lake Street, Kirkland, WA 98033

Our Staff

Katya Difani

Katya Difani


Katya founded Herban Wellness in downtown Kirkland, Washington in 2009 with the intention of creating a space where people can purchase high quality herbs and herbal products and experience a true herbal apothecary or “natural pharmacy.”

Herbalism and the practice of using whole foods grown in an organic, sustainable manner came naturally to her, as she grew up on a cattle ranch in western Montana where her parents grew the majority of their food. Her mother introduced her to herbal medicine, whole foods nutrition, and a deep love and respect for Nature and the Earth. The awareness of how our health is impacted by what we consume and our mental, emotional, and spiritual health, began as a teenager. This is when she had health issues arise that led to a significant dietary change and supplementation with herbs and other natural products that led to a dramatic improvement in her health and vitality.

The study of herbal medicine as a health-care discipline felt like a natural move for Katya to make after some time in the world. So, after completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Cultural Anthropology, with a minor in Psychology in 2002, she went on to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Herbal Science from Bastyr University in June of 2007. She continued adding to her knowledge through internships and some clinical herbal training.

Katya teaches classes through Herban Wellness on natural skincare, herbal medicine for prevention and health maintenance, as well as for addressing common health issues. She also speaks at various events around the area, has been interviewed on several holistic health radio shows, writes a monthly newsletter, and blogs regularly on herbs and health on the Herban Wellness website. She also does private consultations on herbal medicine for supporting individuals and their family’s health.

Mackenzie Beckham

Mackenzie Beckham


Mackenzie came into Herbalism by being drawn to the southern pine forests and the alluring scent of honeysuckle drifting in the air. Her grandmother would lead her down a narrow dirt path to her garden and captivate Mackenzie with her knowledge of folk medicine. As a young woman, her mother excelled in the use of ornamentals in horticulture and enjoyed showing her and her sister how to landscape their own gardens.

Her formal educational journey began in Horticulture at Northwest Mississippi Community College where she studied underneath Botanist Bud Donahou. From there, Mackenzie discovered Bastyr University to continue her education in biodynamic farming and using plants medicinally, so she moved across the country to attend the Herbal Science program. After graduating in 2017, she studied more about the impact of food and diet on health. She now enjoys being able to share her knowledge with others at Herban Wellness as a staff herbalist.

Mackenzie loves reading, dancing, and experimenting with new recipes. She longs for the little moments with friends and family that help her better understand the inner workings of the universe.

Amanda Lovett-Jones

Amanda Lovett-Jones

Medical Herbalist & Nutritionist

Amanda studied Naturopathy, Botanical Medicine and Nutrition in Australia 20 years ago and practiced in Sydney and Los Angeles for many years. Amanda‘s career has seen her lecturing for herbal supplement companies in the US, before joining the corporate environment of technical marketing and product development. She enjoys teaching and working with people to improve their health. Amanda is married to an American and has 3 children, they moved back to the US 3 years and ago and was drawn to the natural beauty and abundance of the Pacific Northwest. Amanda has traveled extensively and learned from traditional healers in places like Colombia and Indonesia and is in awe of the incredible wealth of botanical knowledge we have in WA. Her passion for nutrition and food inspired her Sensitive Functional Foods wholistic chef business which keeps her busy when she isn’t at Herban Wellness.

Amanda is a Flamenco dancer and loves to hike with her Aussie Shepard, Sydney. Amanda feels at home in the community at Herban Wellness and is thrilled to be part of the team.



Mascot and Shop Pup

What is the most common question Katya gets at Herban Wellness? Since January 2009 when Katya welcomed Abby into her life, it’s "What kind of dog is Abby?"

Abby is a rescue, so of unknown breed mix. Our best guess is that she’s golden retriever-shephard mix. She is a generally mellow shop dog who welcomes scratches and pets of any kind, especially on her belly, and is a sweet, gentle soul whose spunk and energy comes out when another dog enters the shop or when she gets to be outside, preferably chasing ducks in Marina Park or hiking the nearby mountains.