A tea designed with the fresh green growth of Spring in mind.  Nettle, Cleavers, and Dandelion leaf are all experiencing fresh new growth in the woods and fields around us.  These herbs are mineral rich and gently detoxifying, particularly to the kidneys, helping move the stagnation from winter. Add the green antioxidant, metabolism-boosting properties of Green Tea, and the herbs Yerba Santa, Nettle, and Goldenrod which help reduce the histamine reaction and the inflammatory response of seasonal allergies.  Yerba santa can help break up congestion and mucus and tone/tighten the sinus membranes, a beneficial effect for allergies.
Contains: Nettle leaf, Dandelion leaf, Green tea, Yerba Santa, Sassafras, Cleavers, Goldenrod, and Hawthorne leaf & flower.