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Herban Wellness strives to provide access to information on health and how to achieve your healthcare goals, whether that is to support your body's return to health or to achieve a more energetic and optimal health.

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We offer a full schedule of monthly classes to empower you to live a healthy lifestyle!

Thank you for your interest in our classes!

See our schedule below, and we also offer custom classes taught by Katya for a minimum of 5 people. Please contact us if you are interested in this option.

Also, Katya will be offering a free one-hour talk once/month through the fall focused on a different topic each month. The talks will be covering herbs and home remedies that will be of use for your everyday health needs. These talks are meant to help educate you on how to use herbs in your daily or seasonal lives, but are not meant to be "medical" in nature, so will be covering common issues and concerns that herbs can help with, not delving into chronic or complex health issues. Please do contact us in advance if you plan to attend, so we know how many people to expect.

March’s talk
will be on Tuesday, March 7th, from 7-8 pm and will cover herbs for sinus health and allergy prevention and relief.

April’s talk
will be on Wednesday, April 12th, from 7-8 pm and will cover herbs and other support for hormone balance, including supportive herbs for the adrenals, thyroid, and female and male-specific hormone balance.

March-May 2017 classes:

Aromatherapy for Stress and Anxiety
Taught by Michelle Ensley, Clinical Aromatherapist & Licensed Massage Practitioner
Sunday, April 2nd, 10 am-1 pm
In this informative aromatherapy class we will look at ways to utilize aromatherapy for stress reduction, insomnia, anxiety and relaxation. We will look at and discuss what stress and anxiety are, and look at the differences between situational and chronic stress and anxiety. We will explore 10 essential oils that help reduce stress and anxiety and how and when to apply and utilize them. In this class you will make a synergistic blend of essential oils to take home.

Michelle Ensley is a clinical aromatherapist for multicare home health and hospice. She has been teaching aromatherapy certification programs for the East/West School of Herbal and Aromatic Studies for a decade. She also teaches flower essences courses for the Australian bush flower essence co. She maintains a private massage practice in Enumclaw.

Class requires an additional $3 fee to be paid to the instructor.

Cost: $40

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Healthy Skin Using Natural and Herbal Ingredients: Facial Masks, Skin Oils, & Skin Clearing Herbs for Internal Use
Taught by Katya Difani, herbalist & founder of Herban Wellness
Saturday, April 29th, 10 am-12 pm (noon)
This class is an introduction to natural skincare using herbs and raw materials to help you address your skin concerns and promote healthy skin all over your body. Really effective scrubs and masks, nourishing skin oils, and herbs for detoxifying the skin in the form of teas or extracts, reducing inflammation, and strengthening from the inside out, are part of a holistic approach to skin health. The class will provide lots of information and demonstration for you to feel empowered to incorporate these ingredients into your daily life.

Cost: $25

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Herbal & Natural Approaches to Inflammation & Allergy Relief
Taught by Katya Difani, herbalist & owner of Herban Wellness
Saturday, March 25th, 9:30 am- 11:30 am
Most people are familiar with inflammation and how it shows up in the body. Many of you may also know that allergies, seasonal or otherwise, are an inflammatory immune response to environmental irritants. However, you may not have a strong understanding of how inflammation works, why we get it, and what to do about it. In addition, many people don't have a lot of tools for combating and lessening seasonal and other environmental allergies. This class is designed to help you have a greater understanding of these issues and how to address them naturally, achieving balance and symptom relief through using herbs and other natural compounds.

Cost: $25

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Plant Walk: A Personal Introduction to Medicinal Plants Around You
Taught by Katya Difani, herbalist & founder of Herban Wellness
Saturday, May 6th, 10 am-11:30 am
Join us on this amble through the parks and waterfront of Kirkland, where you will be introduced to 12-15 medicinal plants that grow either natively or as transplants. There are an abundance of plants that grow well in this area that are utilized for medicinal and therapeutic purposes, and Katya will introduce you to a few of the most common on our walk. Join us!

Cost: $20

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We have a 48 hour cancellation policy. If you cannot attend a class you have signed up for please inform us more than 48 hours prior to the class to have 50% refunded. We are sorry that due to scheduling reasons and costs to host classes we cannot refund class fees with less than 48 hours notice.

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We will always offer classes to help you build on your knowledge of your health and help you to make informed decisions for your health. Please see our current class list, check availability, and sign up for classes on our Class page.

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