Tea of the Month for May: Restoration Tea

The days are long in the summer, and generally we are more active, spending more time outdoors hiking, running, biking, or participating in sports.  Herbs can do a lot to support healthy recovery and repair of connective tissue, such as muscles and joints.  This tea is a blend of herbs that are anti-inflammatory, circulatory stimulants, energizing, and mineral-rich so your body doesn’t get depleted when under exertion, and generally support the ability of the body to restore and repair. Yerba mate adds nervous system stimulants & minerals; rosemary increases circulation, is antioxidant, and has been shown to enhance memory; hawthorn supports a healthy heart and vascular system; gotu kola encourages connective tissue repair  & collagen production, circulation, is anti-inflammatory, and mineral-rich, willow bark has anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain relieving) properties due partly to its salicylate content, from which aspirin was derived.

Contains: Rosemary, Yerba mate, Willow bark, Ginger, Gotu kola, Hawthorne flower, Cleavers, Rosehips, Wild yam, Horsetail, Spearmint, & Stevia.

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